Works expanding at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery

The 20 new check-in counters in Terminal A of Jorge Newbery Aeroparque are now up and running as the first step towards the next stage of building a new passenger terminal and expanding the ramp. As from Thursday August 23 the airlines operating in Terminal B have started checking in at Terminal A, which thanks to an investment of 87 million pesos has added 20 new counters with state-of-the-art conveyor belts for baggage. The works underway by the Transport Ministry together with Aeropuertos Argetnina 2000 form part of an airport expansion plan which includes building a new passenger terminal and a new ramp which will increase operating capacity.


The renewal of Terminal A included incorporating the new check-in counters and  overhauling the hall installations and the accesses. The 20 new check-In points extend to the international arrival exits. Lan, Avianca and Amazonas airlines have all stopped receiving passengers in the old part of the terminal to move to the sector where mostly Aerolineas Argentinas were operating until a few months ago. All the airlines have thus started operating in the same terminal, now bigger and more modern, for the greater comfort of the passengers.


At Terminal B the windows selling Avianca and Amazonas tickets will be continuing for a few months until the works covering these services are complete in Terminal A.


A new baggage system has been installed. The new and longer carousels with broader belts will permit greater quantities of baggage in less time. The new baggage patio has a smart system to read the labels and distribute them according to airline and destination to the corresponding carousel. It also has new scanners for security control – broader, more agile and with state-of-the-art technology.


The master plan for Aeroparque 

This master plan Includes constructing two new buildings to link up the existing ones, extending the terminal up to the freight sector in the North. To this end the current B and C sectors will be demolished. The works to extend the ramp and increase the operational capacity of the airport will encroach upon the open-air parking area in the north.


The new buildings will also include a new sector for international arrivals and departures with their embarkments, domestic pre-boarding areas, and new departure gates and passenger bridges to accompany the growth of national flights. The works will be accompanied by new shops and services for a better passenger experience.